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by:Sinobakr     2020-04-21
Tattoo equipment usually gets clogged with ink and blood. The best way to get rid of all the dirt is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. Which is when you begin to get flustered wondering about the ideal cleaning solution that can go into the cleaner and do a professional job. A�Relax! A�This article will walk you through the gory details and you'll be up to speed in no time. There are many commercial manufactured solutions available in the market. The most common ones used for tattoo gear are Alconox and Cavicide. You can clean the equipment thoroughly by just soaking it in diluted solutions of these cleaning agents. Surface cleaning is ensured within a few minutes of soaking. But remember this is not medically safe till you sterilize it in an autoclave. A�The ultrasonic cleaner will remove the blood and gunk but it's the autoclave that actually kills the germs eliminating the risk of infection. These detergents are extremely effective even during the process of simple manual cleaning. You can easily clean a wide range of glass, plastic, metal and ceramic surfaces using these two detergents. If it's so effective manually, you may wonder, why do I need an ultrasonic cleaner then? A�The answer is simple. A�Ultrasonic cleaners when used right eliminate the need to ever consider using brushes or any other manual cleaning tools. A�They do a more thorough job than any hand cleaning process can ever achieve. This geeky little gadget actually cleans! Alconox has been in the market for over five decades now. Used by health care professionals across the globe, this cleaning agent has been used extensively by medical establishments and hospitals to sterilize surgical instruments right before the process of autoclaving. This precision cleaning solution is non-corrosive and it extends the period of usability of the instruments. Alconox ensures total safety of the tattoo equipment during the ultrasonic cleaning procedure. It is also economical as small quantities are sufficient for cleaning the equipment. A combination of Alconox and another powdered detergent called Tergazyme make the ultrasonic cleaning process even more effective. Tergazyme contains an enzyme that targets soil and blood. So, it is one of the best agents that can be used to get rid of all the blood and ink that settles down on the surface and in the crevices of the tattoo machines and kits. The enzymatic nature of the detergent provides an incredible eight hours of cleaning action even on dilution. So, depending on how dirty the tattoo equipment is, Tergazyme can be used in the ultrasonic bath multiple times. On an average, a one percent dilution of either detergent suffices. That's about an ink drop for every half liter or 1/8th of a gallon. A�It is highly recommended to use warm water but make sure that the temperature doesn't exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. A�Above 40 degrees Celsius the albumin in the blood will congeal and fuse with the surface of your needles or other gear. A� Blood is one of the most powerful biological agents that can harbor infection and disease causing microbes. In a Tattoo Studio there is no room for compromise when it comes to cleaning & sterilizing your tattoo gear. A�Your customers depend on it.
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