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Ultrasonic Cleaners Deliver Enhanced Safety For

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-05
Ultrasonic cleaners which are compact, powerful and highly efficient are capable of handling a broad range of laboratory operations as well as quickly and safely cleaning medical and surgical instruments in health care facilities. In the laboratory, models such as the Elmasonic S150 are used in solubilizing hard to dissolve substances, mixing and dispersing, degassing HPLC solvents and samples, and cleaning laboratory and surgical instruments. Put to work in health care facilities, the ultrasonic cleaner safely and quickly removes blood and tissue from medical and surgical instruments prior to disinfecting and sterilizing operations. With a cavitation resistant stainless steel tank dimension of 20' x 12' and 4' deep the S150 ultrasonic cleaner has a capacity of 3.75 gallons and operates at 37 kHz delivering an effective ultrasonic power of 300 watts. According to Tovatech director Rachel Kohn, 'This effectively doubles the ultrasonic power per unit volume over the popular Elmasonic S300H on which it is based to give an extremely powerful machine.' Medical instruments or lab samples in suitable containers are positioned in the mesh bottomed tray which is immersed into the ultrasonic solution. Processing cycles can be timed from 1 to 30 minutes. A user friendly panel shows set time and remaining time on an LED display. Other features of the microprocessor controlled Elmasonic S150 ultrasonic cleaner include automatically degassing fresh ultrasonic cleaning fluids and a sweep function for optimized cavitation action. Thus, ultrasonic cleaning can deliver enhanced safety for laboratory equipments and ultrasonic cleaning medical equipment or surgical instruments.
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