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Superior Gun Cleaning With an Ultrasonic Cleaner

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-09
Your firearm will need to be spotlessly cleaned and oiled for you to get the best out of it. As the owner of a gun, you know that cleaning it can be quite a cumbersome task. With ultrasonic cleaners, you will be able to do a thorough job of cleaning in around 10 minutes. This would be after you have disassembled the gun. Once the cleaning is done, all you will need to do is grease the necessary parts, reassemble the gun and you are ready to go. The main advantage of using an ultrasonic cleaner for your firearms is that the process can be performed by professionals and novices alike. The first step is to field strip the gun or basically disassemble it. In a gun, parts such as the internal areas, the trigger, spring plunger, disjuncture as well as the bolt stop have a tendency to accumulate crud and grease-like dirt thanks to bullet lubricant and lead residue. You will also find carbon build-up that is difficult to clean manually. If you are unsure of how to disassemble your gun, follow the manual that comes with it. Next, follow instructions that come with your ultrasonic cleaner on the proportion of water and cleaning solution to be mixed. Fill the stainless steel tub with this. Connect the cleaner and allow the liquid to degas for around 10 minutes. Some tips to keep in mind would be to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner that is proportionate in size to your firearm. That is, the bath should be large enough to immerse the entire part. Only then will cleaning be effective. While the liquid is degassing, place all parts of your firearm in the steel immersion basket provided. At this point make sure you do not have any wooden grips, sights or scopes still attached to the gun. These will be destroyed if immersed in the solution. Once clear, place the basket with the parts into the cleaner and close the lid, set the timer for around 12 minutes. Once done, take the parts out and check for any stubborn residue. Put those parts back in for some additional cleaning. For the parts that are done, drip-dry them on paper towels. Once the parts are completely dry, you will have to immediately lubricate your gun and reassemble it. Leaving a gun this squeaky clean with no lubrication can result in the bores and inner frame work beginning to rust. As for the cleaner, drain out any remaining liquid if you are not going to clean additional guns. Else you will end up with a line of crud around your tub. You can save the solution for another cleaning session. Ultrasonic cleaners meant specifically for guns are generally available at your firearms store. Beginning at around $400 for a unit and $70 a gallon for the cleaning solution, you may find this a bit expensive. But in perspective, the unit is long lasting and each gallon of solution gives you around 500 cleaning sessions. Also the cleaning liquid can be reused a couple of times.
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