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Quick Tips on Buying an Ultrasonic Cleaner Suited

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-15
Ultrasonic cleaners have more or less taken over as the preferred cleaning medium for a wide range of applications, ranging from jewelry to watches to surgical instruments to automobile and workshop machine parts. The ultrasound technology is even being used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to remove petroleum contaminants from process equipment. At first glance, though, for a 'wonder' machine, an ultrasonic cleaner - particularly the smaller models suitable for home use - does not appear particularly impressive or high-tech. It is essentially steel box with a lid and a small control panel fixed to it; and a hanging basket or tray. That is because the ultrasonic process, while highly effective and quick, is not terribly complicated. It essentially generates high energy ultrasound waves in a cleaning liquid placed in the tank to produce millions of nano, vacuum cavitation bubbles to lift off all contaminants from any metal or plastic objects placed in it. A table-top ultrasonic cleaner is a good buy for the home because it has multifaceted uses. Whether you want to clean your coin collection, or your CDs, or your jewelry, or even your dentures, an all-purpose ultrasonic cleaner will do the job without mess or fuss. The only variable for different applications is the appropriate cleaning liquid. In some cases, even distilled water will suffice. So you've decided to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner for the home. How do you go about choosing the right one? Well, you could go to eBay or , but you would be forgiven for feeling a little bewildered at the choices on offer. The size of the unit you choose should be governed by the dimensions of the largest part to be cleaned. You can get one for around $30, but it is advisable to spend a little more and buy a model that has an easy to read digital display and three operating modes - Sweep, Degas and Normal. The Degas option is particularly useful because removing the air entrained in the cleaning solution (degassing) results in optimum cleaning. Sometimes degassing can also be achieved by heating the cleaning liquid to the recommended temperature; and some models have ceramic heating elements embedded in the steel tank. The Elmasonic E-series Ultrasonic Cleaners is very good value for money. All models have a durable, cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank and come in different capacities ranging from 1.75 liters to 28 liters. Plus, there is user-friendly operating panel, arranged so that that no liquid can enter the sensitive electronics of the unit. A turning knob on the side wall of the tank allows easy draining through the drain valve on the back of the unit. If you have a machine or automobile repair shop or even a tool room in the basement, an ultrasonic cleaner can come in very handy. You will be aware of how much grime, metal shavings, lubricants and other residues accumulate on the parts during use. Moreover, some parts have blind holes, threads, cavities, and crevices that are very hard to get at and clean manually. Here again, Elmasonic models with Degas and Sweep modes provide optimum performance. 'Sweeping' ensures a more homogeneous power distribution in the bath. Oily components rise to the surface of the liquid and can be easily skimmed off and disposed. The Elmasonic S 300 H unit, which has a 7.4-gallon capacity, is a good buy for cleaning metal parts. The cleaning solution should be mildly alkaline solution concentrate and contain a rust inhibitor.
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