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by:Sinobakr     2020-04-04
How does ultrasonic cleaning work? Cavitation, the collapse of millions of tiny bubbles created by ultrasonic vibrations, releases high energy and enormous cleaning power. This cleaning action gently and thoroughly removes dirt, oil, and contaminants from every surface in contact with the cleaning fluid. Because the liquid can penetrate into very small crevices, ultrasonic cleaning can clean intricate items that cannot be cleaned by hand. When you visit the dentist, you may be aware that a dental ultrasonic cleaner is being used on all the instruments that go in your mouth, including dental picks, scrapers, carvers, and many more. Your dentist may even being using an ultrasonic crown cleaner to ensure that a crown is cleaned before being used. The same ultrasonic technology is available for use at home as well. An ultrasonic denture cleaner can be used to completely clean dentures, penetrating the hard-to-clean spaces between teeth and eliminating the need for scrubbing. Many young people are using ultrasonic cleaners for their retainers and removable orthodontic devices as well. When you visit an optometrist, it is likely that optical lens ultrasonic cleaning is being used on contact lenses, eye glasses, and professional optical components. Cleaning eyeglasses at home with an ultrasonic cleaner is a fast and gentle way to keep them as clean as new. There are many household products that can be safely cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath such as tweezers, razor blades and shavers, combs, scissors, can openers, and items that have small openings that are difficult to clean by hand. In addition to health related uses, ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for jewellery, coins, tools, and many other products made of glass, metal, or plastic. Please note that an ultrasonic cleaner is not a sterilizer. Medical and dental practices utilize ultrasonic cleaning to remove all visible soil from instruments prior to sterilization. Sterilization can be achieved only by methods that destroy microorganisms, such as heating in an autoclave. The phrase 'ultrasonic sterilizer' is a misnomer; never use an ultrasonic cleaner as a sterilizer. There is simply no comparison between a professional ultrasonic cleaner and a cheaply-built unit. It's like comparing a toy to a professional tool. Would you trust your family's health to a toy? If you think that buying a very inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner will save money, be aware that an ultrasonic cleaner that does not carry a 2-year warranty is likely to last only a few months. In addition, the cheap products will simply not clean very well or uniformly. A professional cleaner is designed to deliver the right amount of cleaning power and to distribute the ultrasonic power uniformly throughout the tank. A well-made tank has a stainless steel body that is resistant to damage from ultrasonic cavitation. A professional ultrasonic cleaner will give you many years of excellent service. And it's so easy to use! Just add a suitable cleaning solution to the tank, place the items to be cleaned in the parts basket, and press start. Most items will be cleaned within 5-20 minutes depending on the nature of the soil being removed.
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