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Prospects for the development of ultrasonic cleaning machine


With the continuous development of science and technology, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is increasingly widely used and popular, a variety of new ultrasonic cleaning technology and ultrasonic cleaning equipment through continuous improvement and improvement is gradually developed and applied, showing a good prospect.

Ultrasonic cleaning belongs to physical cleaning, which itself is a green cleaning mode, more energy saving than the traditional cleaning method. If appropriate cleaning agent is added into the cleaning fluid, it belongs to the combined cleaning mode, and the cleaning effect is more obvious. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most widely used power ultrasonic cleaning is closely related to the development of modern technology and advanced manufacturing technology. Ultrasonic cleaning in a variety of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning is a more effective, it is widely used in machinery, optics, electronics, light industry, textile, chemical industry, aerospace, shipping, atomic energy and medical and other industrial sectors.

In recent years, ultrasonic cleaning machines are developing in two ways. First, various types of multi-cylinder or transmission chain or lifting ultrasonic cleaning production line have been marketed; The second is the development of low frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine to high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine. In the United States, Japan, Europe and Asia Pacific markets, the total number of multi-cylinder ultrasonic cleaning equipment has shown an obvious trend of rise, up to 50% of the total number, and multi-station semi-automatic, automatic transmission chain or lifting type ultrasonic cleaning line equipment has also risen to more than 40% of the total number.


In recent years, the overall level of industry continues to improve, in order to meet the needs of social development, the demand for ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also growing, especially in the field of electronic industry, auto repair auto insurance industry is the most obvious. Ultrasonic cleaning technology in China has also been gradually developing and has been widely used. At present, the development prospects of ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment is very good, ultrasonic cleaning manufacturers have been established a lot, in the northern market, buck ultrasonic technology co., ltd. is a fast development, the industry visibility is very high, the product is beautiful and practical。

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