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Pocket Tools Cleaning Revitalized With an Ultrasonic

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-15
If you're anything like me your pocket tool will be one of your most prized possessions. Even if you don't use it much, just having it there can fill you with a sense of security. No matter where you end up, be it an all-night party or the middle of the Mojave, you know that you can fix almost anything that strays into your path. Whether you choose to or not is another matter, but the option's always there. So let's face it, your pocket tool is part for functionality and part for show. Either way, if you want it to work properly or show it off properly it's best off keeping it clean. If you've ever tried to clean your pocket tool you'll know that it's fiddly at best and almost impossible to get every last bit of dirt out. Enter the ultrasonic cleaner - a small, bench-top appliance offering to do the work for you. For the lay-person, an ultrasonic cleaner works by converting your mains electricity into high frequency sound waves that it then fires backwards and forwards through a small bath of soapy water or a purpose brewed cleaning solution. Put your pocket tool into the bath and the sound waves can then blast the dirt off by causing a process called cavitation, where microscopic bubbles expand and collapse releasing miniature shock waves. Not only is this cleaning process 'stand-back-and-watch' easy for you, the shock waves are so small they'll get into all the awkward nooks and crannies that your cotton buds just can't reach. Whether it's covered in grease, jam, or fluff from your pocket, it will all be blasted off in the ultrasonic cleaner. Though to be scientifically accurate, the 'blasting off' in actuality is a gentle nudge of a high energy stream that breaks the molecular bonding between the dirt and your tool's surface. If you are a serious collector of tools and have a to-die-for-spanner-and-wrench set then an ultrasonic cleaner is your lifeline to a gleaming, burnished tool set. You can fit plenty in the ultrasonic cleaner; some large bench-top models are able to take almost 50 gallons. However, if you, like most people, have a more modest and functional collection or even just have the one pocket tool, there are more suitable models out there. Ultrasonic cleaners were developed around the middle of the 20th century, for use in places like biomedical laboratories for cleaning precision equipment. Nowadays you can get your hands on a piece of this hi-tech for a very reasonable sum. So, if you're into your pocket tools be it for practical or fashion reasons, you can now give yours a new lease of life. And because it will save time, and time is money, it's a worthwhile investment. This high tech cleaning kit is versatile and can handle many other objects in addition to tools. Jewelry cleaning is another common use of ultrasonic cleaners. Next time you are stuck in the desert with that hot blonde and you need to unscrew those shelving units, you will be thankful for the ultrasonic cleaner that gives your pocket tool that extra gleam. A man, after all, is known by the quality of his tools!
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