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Multifrequency Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Boosts

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-24
High-end industrial scale ultrasonic cleaners that operate at both low and high frequencies score over conventional ultrasonic cleaners that operate at a single frequency. These units using multiple operational frequencies have a wide range of applications from coarse heavy-duty cleaning to finer and gentler cleaning of smooth surfaces. Users can choose the ultrasonic frequency in the cleaning chamber which is usually 25 kHz or 45 kHz depending on the intensity of the cleaning required. The lower ultrasonic frequency can be used for removal of coarse media employed in polishing and for eliminating surface abrasives. The higher 45 kHz frequency is typically used for getting rid of grease and oil. This frequency is also suitable for cleaning jewelry during the manufacturing process. Some cleaners use an even higher frequency of 130 kHz. This is used for cleaning components of electric devices and the sensitive surfaces of jewelry. With support for continuous cleaning action of up to 12 hours, these cleaners are ideal for factory and mission critical production environments. In conventional cleaners the problem of dead spots, where there is nil cleaning activity, persists due to the formation of unwanted standing wave patterns. The dead zone problem mostly affects components and equipment that have complex geometries, blind holes, and crevices that are largely inaccessible. The ultrasonic cavitation energy cannot penetrate these blind holes due to the lower intensity cleaning action created by the dead zones. Multifrequency settings guarantee both intensive and uniform cleaning action and the elimination of dead zones. Advanced versions also come with the all-new 'Sweep' mode which delivers a more uniform distribution of the ultrasonic cavitation energy throughout the ultrasonic cleaning tank. This uniform distribution of the cavitation action results in optimal cleaning. Some cleaners use an additional 'Pulse' mode when tough cleaning is involved. This mode provides short spells of high intensity ultrasonic cleaning to eliminate cohesive contaminants. Depending on your cleaning needs the size of the ultrasonic cleaner also has an impact on the cleaner's power-performance ratio. For smaller equipment, using a smaller industrial ultrasonic cleaner will deliver more efficient cleaning with lesser power consumption than a large one. To increase the effectiveness of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners must degas the cleaning solvent prior to the actual cleaning. Cleaning solutions when poured into the cleaning tank typically have trapped air bubbles. Trapped air prevents the formation of cavitation bubbles that are primarily responsible for all the cleaning action. The multifrequency setting enables rapid and efficient degassing of the cleaning solution prior to the actual cleaning. An industrial ultrasonic cleaner with the auto-degassing feature further enhances the efficacy of ultrasonic cleaning by removing the trapped air from the cleaning chamber. A final feature of performance boosting industrial ultrasonic cleaners is temperature control. An adjustable temperature range of 30 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit) ensures that you can control the bath temperature for thermally sensitive components. For absolute control your industrial ultrasonic cleaner should have 'intelligent' shut off when the ultrasonic bath temperature reaches an upper limit of 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit). This prevents possible component damage. Multifrequency industrial ultrasonic cleaners are changing the landscape of ultrasonic cleaning in various industries. The real benefits of the above features are higher quality end products with significant savings in the cleaning costs during the manufacturing or servicing process.
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