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Machine Shops Top 3 Uses of an Ultrasonic Cleaner

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-05
Industrial and Machine Shop Ultrasonic Cleaners In the process of surface preparation and cleaning of parts before plating, ultrasonic pre-treatment cleaning ensures the best results. Ultrasonic part cleaning will not damage polished surfaces as it removes polishing compounds and other impurities. Furthermore, you can avoid problems such as staining or poor adhesion in parts to be electro-plated. Opposed to conventional aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic batch processing allows the operator to clean multiple parts at once, increasing productivity. For parts and tools that need to be degreased, many companies have turned to ultrasonic cleaning as an alternative to manual scrubbing. In fact, ultrasonic degreasing is the most widely used form of cleaning for parts to be electroplated. Depending on the application, the frequency used for degreasing should vary. Coarse removal of lapping abrasive and polishing media require a lower frequency (25-27 kHz) while more gentle cleaning of oils and grease should use a higher frequency (35-45 kHz). Anindustrial ultrasonic cleanercan have an important role in refurbishing equipment as well. The refurbishing process includes taking the equipment apart; cleaning the unit as well as any parts that can be salvaged; replacing, repairing or upgrading damaged components; reassembling the equipment; and then doing touch ups or cosmetic enhancements. An ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning these parts prior to reassembly, thoroughly removing any oils, coolants, or sludge build up. By looking at these applications, we can see that ultrasonic cleaning is faster than conventional aqueous cleaning without damaging the parts. Specifically, ultrasonic pre-treatment of parts allows for batch processing and removes polishing compounds, etc. without staining or reducing the adhesion in parts to be electro-plated.
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