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How To Safely Use A Flammable Liquid As An Ultrasonic

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-23
We use ultrasonic cleaners in a wide variety of applications today. The high quality of cleaning combined with low process cycle time and high power efficiency makes them an excellent choice. The primary components in the ultrasonic cleaning process are the ultrasonic transducer, the generator, the cleaning tank and the cleaning liquid. Naturally, choosing a given cleaner fixes the first three. Operational process parameters for cleaning include frequency, temperature and length of cycle time. The single most important choice made for the cleaning operation is that of the cleaning liquid or solvent. Selection of the specific cleaning liquid depends on the bath and cleaning chemistry. The choice of liquid depends upon the material of the objects for cleaning, and the particular form of contaminant on their surface. It is advisable, as far as possible, to use nonflammable liquids. However, there are many applications where the choice leads to the selection of a flammable liquid or solvent. All these flammable liquids tend to be volatile to different degrees, and organic. Methanol and ethanol are common choices. Avoid all direct contact between the transducer unit and the solvent. Any sufficiently vigorous vaporization may create an explosive fuel-vapor/air mixture. The usage of flammable solvents as the cleaning liquid could entail considerable modification in the operation and configuration of the ultrasonic cleaner. This is all the more so if flammable liquids are in regular rather than occasional use. For heavy-duty applications where a large amount of flammable solvent is required, the tank has to be custom-built. In these applications, the freeboard height above the liquid surface must equal the depth of the solvent in the tank. Add a tightly sealable hood and cooling condenser coils for installation in the upper section of the tank. The transducer unit must be double-sealed and purged with inert gas to prevent any possibility of sparks contacting the liquid. Where the cleaning load is relatively lighter, the same basic ultrasonic cleaner is usable. For low load applications, the optimal choice is using a glass beaker. Suspend the objects for cleaning, as usual, in a stainless steel wire-mesh. Place this mesh inside a beaker with a certain amount of flammable liquid in it. Hold the beaker firmly in the tank by attaching it to a movable rubber ring. Position the beaker so that it remains a few centimeters from the tank bottom. Fill the tank with water to suspend the beaker in. Cap the beaker tightly to prevent any leakage of volatile liquid vapors. The complete ultrasonic cleaner and its surrounding area must be well ventilated. Care should be taken to prevent any cracking or breakage of the glass beaker. Local, state and federal safety regulations will dictate the upper limit for the total volume of flammable liquid that are kept inside the lab. Typically, not more than 1-2 liters of solvent should be present in the beakers. Once this is done, initiate the usual process of ultrasonic cleaning.
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