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How to Pick an Ultrasonic Cleaner

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-23
If this is the first time you will be buying an ultrasonic cleaner, take a few minutes to go over some of the info below, and do your homework online before making your decision. The size of the parts will determine the size of the tank you need. If the parts are uniform in size or the same thing is in every batch, the decision is easy. If the parts are of various sizes and shapes, take a look at the mix. Is there only one large part? Remember, tank price rises rapidly with size so it might not make sense to buy a larger system for just a few parts. Heat is essential for proper cleansing. You will either always fill your tank with hot water, and refill it with hot water and cleaning chemistry every time it cools off or maintain heat in the tank with another source. Ultrasonic energy moves best through water with a temperature between 140A� and 170A� F. In addition, hot water helps dissolve many soils, further enhancing parts cleaning. A parts basket is an individual option. Remember you don't want the parts resting on the bottom of the tank. This will inhibit the transmission of energy through the water, as the transducers are mounted on the bottom. Some people with larger parts insert a simple stand or spacer to keep the parts off the bottom with great results. The use of the ultrasonic cleaner depends on the part and the soil to be removed. Most common applications will be served by one of the chemistries offered here on our site. Look over the chemistries page to find the one applicable to your needs. Stay with a name brand: Bransonics, Crest & Gemoro are well known large companies for a reason. Their price is comparable with other ultrasonic cleaners, and the peace of mind that comes fro using a brand name is well worth any additional cost.
Nowadays, the adoption of ultrasonic cleaning machine in industrial ultrasonic cleaner industry is quite common.
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