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How to Clean Ink Cartridges Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-02
Anyone that has used an ink cartridge in their printer has experienced the frustration of poor print quality or an unusable cartridge due to a clog in the ink cartridge. The process of cleaning these ink cartridges is simply easier when you use an Ultrasonic Cleaner. To begin, you will need to ensure your Ultrasonic Cleaner is clean on the inside and on a level surface. Now you will need to add your cleansing solution and water prior to plugging in the unit. When handling the solution it is wise to use gloves for protection. Do not fill past the maximum fill line. Once you have ensured that this is done, turn the power to the unit on. Next, remove the top and gather your clogged cartridge. Note it isn't wise to clean your color and black cartridge at the same time due to possible ink transfer that can ruin the colored cartridge. Allow your unit to run for five to ten minutes before continuing the cleaning process. This allows time for the water and solution to mix and warm up. While you are waiting, take your ink cartridge you are going to be cleaning and locate the metallic area on the bottom that releases the ink. With a damp paper towel, wipe the area with a cloth to remove collected gunk and provide a clear area for the solution to clean. Once this is done, and the time has passes, place the small jewelry basket into the unit. Next place the cartridge into the basket with the metallic side square facing down. Replace the lid and set the unit for the 180 second cycle. During this time you will hear the unit cleansing the cartridges. It is normal to hear grinding and buzzing sounds. This is not damage to your unit. It is the sounds of cleaning. Once the cycle has completed, removed the cartridge and wipe the bottom with a clean paper towel. Making sure the ink is fully removed before it dries. You may need to press hard to ensure the complete clot comes out. When the paper towel is clean during wiping you will know it is finished. Before returning the unit to the printer, be sure that the cartridge is dry. This process is very easy and simple to do. Remember to maintain your safety while handling the cleaning solutions and to handle all items with care. You'll have this information in the future should you continue to refill your cartridges or have problems with new ones, and you'll know how to handle it like a pro.
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