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How to Clean and Sterilize a Tattoo Machine

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-13
Cleaning the tattoo equipment after completing tattooing is an important process not only for the beauty of the machine, but also a regular basis in order to sterilize them, preventing diseases and infections? A. The most important factor of tattoo sterilization is the tool. Common tools we need to clean and sterilize a tattoo machine are autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners. Before sterilization, the tattoo machines, needles and tubes should be cleaned completely after each use or at least daily. The best and easiest tool to clean a tattoo machine before sterilization is ultrasonic cleaner. It can clean all remaining tattoo ink include any tiny gap and dead angle without chemical reactions to the machines. But keep notice that although the ultrasonic cleaners performance great in killing Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. But bacteria like HIV could only be sterilized by autoclave sterilizer, that's why it becomes the only professional tool for tattoo sterilization. B. Clean before sterilizing. 1, Remove the tip, tube and grip of the machine. This procedure of unscrew the parts may vary depending on the brand and model of tattoo machine. 2, Basic cleaning, Wash these machine parts with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. 3, Further cleaning by ultrasonic cleaner Pour 300ml-500ml water into the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner's tank; Put the tips tubes and grips into the ultrasonic cleaner tank; Turn on the digital ultrasonic cleaner, and set the cleaning time, take the machine pieces out after 3-10mins; Rinse and dry naturally, or use special mull to save your time. C. How to sterilize a tattoo machine 1, fill a bag with the sterilization of the tubes, one with the tip and one sterilization bag with the grips. Prepare one tray for each bag; Place each bag on a sterilization tray. Close the bag and put each in its own Autoclave sterilizer tray. If there is only one tray in the autoclave, then sterilize one bag at a time, take turns with the others. 2, Fill the autoclave with distilled water. Fill what's right in up the middle. Turn the autoclave on; always take care on the autoclave, as it will take 1-2 hours to clean each bag. 3, Wait until the temperature displaying 0 degrees before opening. Remove bags, or put in sterile bags in a closet clean and dry, at last assemble the machine again. D. Contraindications and tips of tattoo cleaning. Do not soak your tattoo machine in water, as the liquid will rust the coils. Pre sterilized disposable needles and needles with silicon grips need not re-sterilization.
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