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How long is delivery time of ultrasonic washer ?
This depends on whether Jinan Sinobakr Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. has sufficient ultrasonic washer inventory and whether there is custom service in need. The production is scheduled and each order is processed in sequence. We are always ready to run the production line to the maximum capacity. If custom service is needed, the delivery time may be longer. Communication in early period is necessary.

Sinobakr mainly specializes in automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, integrating ultrasonic cleaner for car parts and ultrasonic cleaner for car parts together. Sinobakr Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine provides a wide range of ultrasonic cleaner for customers. The product is tested by the team of professional to ensures its durability. It can be used to clean mechanical parts, engines, carburetor, filters, etc. The product has less microbial contaminants. Produced in the dust-free workshop, the microbial contaminations can not easily get into this product. Its energy conversion rate is above 90%.

The excellence in quality of ultrasonic parts cleaner is our promise. Get quote!
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