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by:Sinobakr     2020-04-20
To know the function of an ultrasonic cleaner and how it can perform sonification or cleaning, one should understand the basic principles of ultrasound as well as the application in ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound is the transmission of sound at frequencies over the range of hearing by humans. Ultrasound energy creates cavitation, the technical aspects of ultrasonic cleaning, which is generated by piezoelectric electrical devices at 40,000 times each second. The energy, though powerful, is safe for parts since it is focalized at microscopic scale. With the addition of a surfactant or wetting agent to the bath, it can reduce liquid surface tension. The surface tension reduction increases cavitation strength. Medium pressure of vapor is very conducive to the activity of ultrasound. Low pressure of vapor gives rise to cavitation bubbles which go off with comparatively greater force, but will result in higher cavitation threshold and fewer bubbles. Vapor pressure which is high is not so effective - it creates more bubbles, but they burst with less intensity because of the pressure differential being smaller internally/externally. Low viscosity boosts cavitation, while high density produces cavitation of great intensity with an implosive force. Do not place receptacles or parts on the lowest part of the unit. This will make the unit to fail due to the ultrasonic energy that will be reflected by the parts back into the transducers. For adequate cavitation, always keep one inch at least between the receptacle or breaker and the tank bottom. Keep solution on the inside to one inch of unit top with the tray or beaker in place. In the relationship of liquid against cavitational activity, it does not mean that little solution will make the activity more intense. The ultrasonic cleaners will operate at optimal efficiency when filled with solution within an inch from the top. On activation of the equipment, wait for 5 - 10 minutes to degas fresh solution. This does not need to repeated when used subsequently, as only after freshly filling the bath, degassing is required. It would be better to use an insert tray which is perforated for drainage or a mesh basket, when using to let down the parts inside the solution. This will allow sound waves free access to the parts. To raise ultrasonic cleaning activity, renew cleaning solutions more often. Just like most chemicals, solutions become used up over time. Soil particles that are suspended can contaminate the solution, which can go down to the bottom of the tank suppressing ultrasonic transmission.
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