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For Maximum Ultrasonic Cleaner Efficiency Check

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-25
Ultrasonic cleaners continuously gain in popularity, due to the excellent and consistent results they produce. They provide high performance, intensified cleaning with substantially reduced cycle times. Moreover, they are easy to use. As in all technological devices that are internally quite complex, though simple to operate, there are specific ways of checking, maintaining, and operating them. Make a systematic schedule for maintenance and upkeep of an ultrasonic cleaner. Periodic checking of its functioning is a necessary ingredient for this. The key operating parameters of the cleaner, which also reflect the internal working condition, are its present ultrasonic power consumption, the power consumption with the heater switched on, and the accuracy of its temperature regulation circuit. Any excessive deviation from the design or recommended values of these parameters is an indication of ultrasonic cleaner system malfunctioning. Two components of the ultrasonic cleaner draw electrical power. The first is the core ultrasonic transducer-generator unit, while the second is the heating unit. Typically, the electrical power consumption is mentioned for both the ultrasonic transducer-generator unit by itself and for the net electric power draw of the transducer-generator combined with the heater. In both cases, electrical power consumption needs to be measured by a wattmeter. It may be necessary to purchase a wattmeter in case one is not there. For checking the electrical power consumption of the transducer subsystem, see that the heater is switched off. The bath must have liquid in it up to the indicated minimum level. Start the ultrasonic transducer. Let it stabilize for a short while, and then note down the measured wattage value. The technical or operating manual will have the corresponding recommended electrical power draw. The measured value should not vary more than a certain amount. Typically, the deviation from the value in the manual should not exceed A�15%. In the event that it does exceed this range, it is necessary to note down the power value and inform the vendor or manufacturer of a potential fault. Repeat the same exercise to check the combined electrical power draw of the heater and the transducer-generator. Again, it should not exceed A�15%. Since the power consumption values printed are usually maximum values, ensure that the temperature regulator was set at the maximum permissible level for the bath liquid when checking the power draw of the combined transducer and heater system. Now we must check the temperature regulator for reliability and accuracy. Set the temperature regulator setpoint to a relatively high value of about 70 degrees Celsius. Energize the ultrasonic transducer to ensure an even, homogeneous temperature distribution at all points in the bath. Now reduce the temperature setpoint to a somewhat lower value, say 50 degrees Celsius. Let the bath temperature stabilize. Now take a lab thermometer and check the temperature. The deviation of the temperature from the setpoint again should not exceed A�15%, or A�7.5 degrees Celsius. If the deviation is any greater then there is a fault, such as finite zero error, in the temperature regulator. Do these functioning checks on a regular basis to ensure that the ultrasonic cleaner is in good working condition.
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