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DOs & DON'Ts to Maintain Your Jewelry

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-11
1 Don't wash your jewelry with toothpaste. In the field of jewelry there's a say that washing the jewelry with toothpaste can make it glossy. Actually, it's ridiculous to do so. Toothpaste contains superfine grinding material whose hardness is up to 6~7 degree, almost as high as crystal. Using toothpaste will destroy the surface of jewelries whose hardness is lower than that of crystal, especially pearl, gold. The best solution should be diluted neutral surfactants (such as salad, baby shampoo). 2 Don't touch frequently. If you touch it hourly, it will affect the glossiness and brightness of jewelry. Human's body continues discharge sweat and oil. The oil on the fingers will leave on the jewelry's surface that it will reduce its glossiness and brightness, especially the diamond, which belongs to pro oily gems, whose surface gets oil easily. 3 Don't wash the jewelry with tap water Tap Water has fixed content of chlorine (C1), which damages the surface of the pearl and weaken its luster. The proper way should be washing it with distilled water. In addition, keep you pearl in a high relative humidity palace. 4 Let your jewelry have a rest. Change your jewelry according to situations. It seems impossible for the busy moderns, but at least you had better put it away while washing hands. Because some soap contain different degree of alkaline substances which damages jewelry potentially. 5 Be careful to use ultrasonic cleaner The ultrasonic cleaner has good effects on cleaning K gold jewels, especially cleaning gaps in gem, where hairbrush couldn't touch to clean dirties. However, the ultrasonic cleaner is not adaptive to all kinds of jewelries. For example, emerald and pearl, their structures would be destroyed when cleaning in the ultrasonic cleaner. 6 Examine your jewelry periodically However you are, remember to examine your precious jewelry carefully even though you will just spare one minute to do so. It is very important to check out whether your diamond fixed tightly or not. If it becomes flexible, take it to a professional jewelry service centre.
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