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Cleaning Made Easy With An Ultrasonic Cleaner

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-24
The advance of science and technology has led to the invention of many devices which has made it easy to do various tasks, previously thought to be tedious and took long hours to complete. One such device is the ultrasonic cleaner. It is a cleaner which works on ultrasound and a suitable cleaning solution to clean delicate items. Ultrasound is a sound with a frequency range of about 20 to 400 KHz. This is beyond the hearing range of human beings. Ultrasound has been found to be useful in various fields ranging from medicine to military and electronic devices. Ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean fragile items like jewelery, optical parts, and coins, dental and surgical instruments and so on. These are used for everyday use in electronic repair workshops and other establishments. Ultrasonic cleaner works on the principle of cavitation, that takes place when tiny bubbles form and collapse violently on the cleaning solutions. The item is placed in the chamber of the cleaner containing a suitable solution. The cleaning solution varies depending on the type of material of the item. This cleaner has an inbuilt transducer which is either in the chamber or lowered into it. The type of the cleaner varies according to the transducer used; these may be made from a piezoelectric material or a magnetostrictive material. Both produce vibrations in the material, which generate frequencies. The cleaner uses a suitable transducer to produce ultrasonic waves into the solution. This will divide the fluid forcing millions of voids or vacuum bubbles which collapse with tremendous energy of high temperature and pressure. The constant forming and collapsing of the bubbles act as a scrubbing agent, thereby cleaning the material. There are numerous benefits of using ultrasonic cleaners. It has high speed making it easier to clean many items without taking it apart. It does very precise cleaning by getting into every tiny crack and crevice. It is highly consistent and can be used for all pieces irrespective of their size. All these benefits make it a very useful and valuable cleaner.
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