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Cleaning Laboratory Glassware - How to Get Superior

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-03
As a lab professional, you conduct a lot of experiments and tests on a daily basis. Without doubt, you will use a number of instruments as well apparatus. Each of these will have to be one hundred per cent clean if you want to ensure the accuracy of tests and experiments you conduct. Ultrasonic cleaners have been able to provide laboratories with versatility in cleaning. They provides lab technicians with the facility of cleaning efficiently as well as quickly. Saving on man-hours is one of the main benefits. For starters, laboratory ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean several materials, glass, plastic as well as metal based instruments. You do not have to invest in different units for different materials. These cleaners can be used on apparatus that are as delicate as pipettes and vials to the more sturdy beakers, bottles, and petri dishes. You will not have to worry about any of these being destroyed in an ultrasonic cleaning session. Besides laboratory apparatus, it can also handle the cleaning of microscope parts, lab tools, specimen mounts and more. In terms of thoroughness, ultrasonic cleaning can get rid of residue from previous tests or experiments completely. You will not have to worry about minute bits of residue being left over. Hard to reach places are thoroughly cleansed. This heightens the efficiency of the lab. All of this cleaning is also not laborious. You will not end up wasting a lot of man hours in manual cleaning, which may not be as thorough. The speed at which this cleaning occurs is almost 60 times faster than normal. This leaves laboratory personnel free for more productive work. In order to heighten the advantages of using an ultrasonic cleaner in the lab, there are certain pointers that have to be kept in mind. To begin with, all glassware needs to be washed as soon as work is completed with it. This prevents any hard-to-remove residue from sticking on. In some cases, a short soak in alkaline solution helps. When you use an ultrasonic cleaner for glassware, use the basket provided to lower it in. Direct contact with the base can ruin it. After every ultrasonic cleaning session, wash all the labware with distilled or deionized water. Tap water can be used, but you run the risk of water spots being left behind when the piece dries. You can never be too careful. Once the items are dry, examine them minutely for cracks or damage. Next comes the plastic items. While the procedure of cleaning is the same, alkaline cleaning solutions cannot be used for plasticware. Such solutions combined with the power of ultrasonic cleaning can lead to damage or distort the physical appearance of the plasticware. It can also cause cracking and brittleness. Choose from the mild cleaning agents that are easily available for plastic labware. Rinsing with distilled water is a must, post ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be used to clean labware that has been exposed to bio-hazardous and biological contaminants. The only additional requirement here is that these instruments needs to be further sterilized using an autoclave. This allows for thorough cleaning and sterilization of exposed glassware. Ultrasonic cleaning has a proven track record in terms of use in the medical industry. Its versatility obviously comes out in the laboratory as well. It is efficient, thorough, and multi-faceted. It is an assurance that the cleaning cannot be faulted. With just a few tips to keep in mind, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective cleaning protocol for laboratories.
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