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Anglers! Is Your Fishing Tackle in Top Working Condition?

by:Sinobakr     2020-04-13
The fishing season has kicked in and you are all ready for warm, lazy days under the summer sun. But the spool in your fishing reel keeps getting stuck or the drag knob makes wrenching sounds when you spin it in. If your reel is of a superior variety, chances are that even though you might be happy with its performance, the parts that remain underwater for long periods get rusted after a few years, even after elaborate cleaning sessions. Sediment, sand, salt, dirt, bacteria and water are some of the biggest enemies of your fishing reel, especially if you are into saltwater fishing. They tend to clog the moving parts and lead to corrosion of your expensive gear. Regular cleaning helps prevent corrosion of your reel. But sometimes, even when the reel looks polished and clean, its performance can deteriorate over the years. The reason for this is that even with regular cleaning, there are intricate parts of your reel that a steady flow of running water or human fingers are unable to clean properly. In fact, high water pressures can even force grit, salt and sediment deeper into the reel components. Soaking your reel in water can be harmful too, as this can allow water to seep into some of the sealed compartments of your reel. Regular usage can also lead to minor scratches on the surface of the reel that attracts corrosion. Fishing enthusiasts are slowly starting to realise the problems with traditional methods of cleaning their fishing reels. Many sportsmen and gamers these days prefer to clean their fishing equipment with what is called an 'Ultrasonic Cleaner' or a 'Sonicator'. In this process, the fishing reel is first placed in a tank filled with a cleaning solution provided along with the cleaner. An Ultrasonic Cleaner uses high frequency sound waves that create microscopic bubbles and implode forcefully in the cleaning solution covering the reel. The process, known as 'cavitation', literally blasts away and thoroughly removes the contaminants and embedded particles from the surface of the fishing reel. This cleaning process is more efficient and gentle to the equipment than most other traditional methods. It also offers the advantage of reaching inside the intricate parts and crevices of the fishing reel that are inaccessible by other methods. There are various shapes and models of Ultrasonic Cleaners available in the market. But an ideal cleaner for a fishing reel would generally have a runtime of more than 30 minutes. It is not a good idea to go for the cheapest cleaners as many of them are underpowered and would not be effective for cleaning reels used in saltwater fishing. A sturdy, medium-priced ultrasonic cleaner will go a long way in keeping your expensive gear in top-notch condition. Follow a few, simple guidelines to maintain your fishing reels: keep the reels in their covering when not in use, don't lay them down on the ground too often, clean them out once every month and your fishing reels are sure to last long. And yes, do use an ultrasonic cleaner. You will be much happier that you did. Happy Fishing!
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